Wish Montessori a Happy Birthday.

Share her vision of education with the world.


Sign our global birthday card by sharing a message via Twitter or Facebook! Then enter below for your chance to win great prizes from Rand McNally and Montessorium.


1 world

Rand McNally Education donates one children's educational desk globe. A fun tool for young explorers! 

196 countries

Montessorium donates 50 Montessori Map Work books, by June Books. Perfect for ages 3-6. 

1.8 billion children

Let's share a birthday wish for every child, in the hopes that all children on the planet receive an education.   


One incredible legacy of education


Maria Montessori, often considered the first female physician in Italy, innovated the Montessori approach to education. Montessori believed that everyone learns differently, and at their own pace. She created a new type of classroom, a prepared environment, to accommodate and stimulate the individual interests of her students. If you're interested to learn more, we recommend that you visit the Association Montessori Internationale, to discover how Montessori can help your family.



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